The first cloud based ERP platform for digital freelancers ecosystem.

Taskomat is about to takeoff. Less than a month to the official launch.
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A brand new digital experience for freelance developers, designers and marketers.

Join the first ERP cloud platform designed specifically for the digital freelancers ecosystem. Whereas an ERP is a control and management software that automates enterprise processes, Taskomat is designed to automate the processes of an ecosystem with no hierarchy. Taskomat is the place for you to finally have under control every aspect of your business and improve your performance, at all times.

A unique environment for your whole workflow

Too many freelancers use up to 4 different platforms to manage every bit of their workflow. If you are one of them, you can finally welcome Taskomat into your life.
Having a fragmented workflow does not make much sense right now, and you can finally focus on what really matters: your work and your improvement.

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Track your work performance with intuitive tools

With Taskomat you have all your data in a single environment, so that you can continually learn from your work. Design your business, plan your commitment and perform your work day to day, then measure your results with intuitive deep analysis tools. With Taskomat, learning by doing has never been so simple.

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Finally find your perfect pace

As a freelancer, you are both an employee and an employer. Without adequate support, it could be really hard for you to find the right balance between work, free time and hourly rate. Taskomat can help you a lot finding your personal path: since you’re selling your time, you want to make it worth your while.

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Grow your network and business

Taskomat is also a growing community of digital freelancers: you can get in touch with many potential collaborators. Start now to create new business networks.
As a Beta user you will get lots of special benefits such as get featured in blog posts and video interviews. And, whoa, you can also get in touch with us to join our development team!

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